[Wireless comm.] Mobile identity priority - 3gpp Mobile comm.

[ref: 3gpp 24.008]

For all other transactions except emergency call establishment, emergency call re-establishment, mobile terminated call 
establishment, the identification procedure, the GMM identification procedure,the GMM authentication and ciphering 
procedure and the ciphering mode setting procedure, the mobile station and the network shall select the mobile identity 
type with the following priority: 
1- TMSI: The TMSI shall be used if it is available. 
2- IMSI: The IMSI shall be used in cases where no TMSI is available.

In the identification procedure and in the GMM identification procedure the mobile station shall select the mobile 
identity type which was requested by the network, if available. If the requested identity is not available, then the mobile 
station shall indicate the identity type "No Identity". 

Mobile Identity information element 그림은 - 24.008 Figure 10.5.4

The mobile station receiving a LOCATION UPDATING ACCEPT message shall store the received location area 
identification LAI, stop timer T3210, reset the attempt counter and set the update status in the SIM/USIM to 
UPDATED. If the message contains an IMSI, the mobile station is not allocated any TMSI, and shall delete any TMSI 
in the SIM/USIM accordingly. If the message contains a TMSI, the mobile station is allocated this TMSI, and shall 
store this TMSI in the SIM/USIM and a TMSI REALLOCATION COMPLETE shall be returned to the network. If 
neither IMSI nor TMSI is received in the LOCATION UPDATING ACCEPT message, the old TMSI if any available 
shall be kept. 

Type of identity (octet 3) 
3  2  1 
0 0 1 IMSI 
0 1 0 IMEI 
0 1 1 IMEISV 
1 0 1 TMGI and optional MBMS Session Identity 
0 0 0 No Identity (note 1) 
All other values are reserved. Mobile Identity 
The purpose of the Mobile Identityinformation element is to provide either the international mobile subscriber identity, 
IMSI, the temporary mobile subscriber identity, TMSI/P-TMSI/M-TMSI, the international mobile equipment identity, 
IMEI, the international mobile equipment identity together with the software version number, IMEISV, or the 
temporary mobile group identity (TMGI), associated with the optional MBMS Session Identity. 


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