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[Wireless] Race to sleep Mobile comm.

관련 논문: Ninad Warty, A First Look at 802.11n Power Consumption in Smartphones, PIGEN'12, August 26, 2012

빨리 동작하고 오래 쉬는게,오래 동작하고 짧게 쉬는것보다 전반적으로 energy 가 더 적다라는 컨셉

When 'Race to Sleep' works the overall energy required for the the faster execution + longer sleep time (as a reward) is lower compared to a previous architecture in which the operation took longer with less peak power drawn but a shorter sleep time.

[info 보는 command] mem, cpu, os linux

cat /proc/cpuinfo
cat /proc/meminfo
uname -m
uname -p
uname -a

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